Constellation Project meeting in Latvia


From 25-27th of October 2018 was the first meeting of the Erasmus+ Project Constellation which is two year strategic partnership project for youth in the field of innovation in Jelgava, Latvia.

EMC is a partner of the project as well as one of the main project concept designer. The project itself is based on the concept of Inception Training.

The main objective of the project Constellation is to build the capacity of youth workers and formal educators working with youth in rural areas in high potential of becoming NEET youngsters by educating them how to use constellation method.

The project all together involves 5 partner organizations from Latvia (Ngo ideA, governmental institution Jelgavas novada Izglītības pārvalde), Slovenia (NGO EMC and Osnovna šola CIRKULANE-ZAVRC) and Croatia (NGO Forum).

As the result of the Project Constellation there are created innovative tools: online E-assistant and Educational Resource Kit for youth workers and educators. The Project Constellation directly involves around 275 people (participants with fewer opportunities 155) and indirectly around 700 stakeholders in Europe and partner countries. It also includes reaching associated partners and they networks. The main target groups of the Project Constellation are potential NEET youngsters, youth workers and educators and involved stakeholders.

The long term benefit of the Project Constellation are increased quality of youth work and educators by equiping them with innovative tools how to prevent youngsters becomming NEET. In result the project Constellation increases opportunities to be socially included into the society and decreases number of NEET youngsters as well increases the well being of each partner community and whole EU.